Digital Card

Digital Card

After you have cracked a deal or to increase the awareness of your business you must communicate all the details about your business to your clients. For this, you must leave a card for them. At Brid Tech solutions we provide cards that last longer than the traditional visiting cards. Our digital cards have better features, are more usable, offer contactless communication, and are environment safe.

Say Hello to the New Way of Doing Business

Give your business a makeover, by introducing our digital cards. These cards grasp the power of technology to create a more lasting impression of your business. Digital Cards can’t  be put into the trash or misplaced, which increases the chances of converting your clients. It is a faster and more straightforward way of commencing a business relationship. Reaching your customers through their phones is the most reliable method of communication in today’s world.

Digital Card with Actionable click events

Our digital cards support all features required for a seamless business relationship. We have

  • Click to Call to enable customers to reach out to you just at the click of a link.
  • Click on WhatsApp as WhatsApp is the easiest way to stay in touch and propel your business reach.
  • Click to email means your customers can contact you via email instantly by clicking on the email option.
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